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View contact details and reviews for Galler Dennes + Partner at Charlottenstr. 79/80, Berlin, Germany, or write a review. Explore an interactive map with places nearby. View David E. Galler’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. David E. has 3 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover David E ... Microsoft Partner Center - cmdlets for managing Partner Center resources. Minimum PowerShell version. 5.1. Installation Options. Install Module Azure Automation Manual Download Copy and Paste the following command to install this package using PowerShellGet More Info. Install-Module -Name PartnerCenter ... From beans harvested, fermented and dried in Africa to roasted ones, ground by our roasting partner, a true metamorphosis at work! The heart of Galler's skill is in the filling! It's made in our workshops and is based on our own recipes and our top-quality ingredients: vanilla, hazelnuts, fresh pistachios... Galler commits to paying a fair price for the cocoa used in the production of its chocolate. We don’t process the beans at the chocolaterie ourselves, we have a contract with a processing partner. Our processing partner is committed to buying the amount of Fairtrade cocoa beans we have ordered in accordance with the conditions set by the ... Artsy is the world’s leading online art marketplace for galleries, auction houses, and fairs. We connect serious buyers with your inventory to help you establish your brand online, optimize your artists and artworks for discovery, build long-lasting relationships with collectors, and drive more sales. As the Journal reports, just this week partner Philip Chronakis filed a civil RICO complaint against both Romeo and Galler on behalf of the firm. Kathryn Rubino is a Senior Editor at Above the Law ...

Mortimar Mooton, Young Lord of Maidenpool

2017.10.21 22:38 ROakheart Mortimar Mooton, Young Lord of Maidenpool

Name and House: Mortimar Mooton
Age: 16
Cultural Group: Andal, partially of Northern blood
Appearance: Slight, black hair, grey eyes, youthful build, soft pale cheeks, 5'7"
Gift(s): Leadership, Authoritative
Skill(s): /
Negative Trait: /
Starting Title(s): Lord Mortimar Mooton of Maidenpool
Starting Location: Harrenhal
Alternate Characters: Baelor Targaryen
((slight change of name!))
Mortimar is born as first and only child to Lord Mooton and his Crownlander wife. He is a rather sickly child and would never be as strong, tall or healthy as other children. Though he is known to be a bright and thoughtful child, warm-hearted and considerate, with a tendency to being shy. With the ancestral seat bordering two other realms, Mortimar has a lot of relatives from other realms and grows up playing with children and visiting relatives who are not from the Riverlands.
At the age of five, after his father is slain in combat in Durran’s Defiance, Mortimar becomes Lord of Maidenpool. The lordship is run by his mother and uncles. His father late Lord Mooton is remembered as a great military leader, and soon the son is raised in a similar fashion. Like his father, the boy soon shows signs of great proficiency in the realm of the military (Leadership) and throughout his life receives a high degree of education in this field. Becoming even more thoughtful and a bit withdrawn and eccentric in later years, the young Lord soon starts reading and acquires a lot of knowledge about self-study – also spanning other lordly interests and requirements now.
At the age of 9, he accompanies his uncle, who is a well-known ambassador, on a journey throughout several realms of Westeros. Being taught and soaking in all of the new courtly impressions, even at this age already, the young Lord becomes interested in usage of etiquette and the rhetoric arts, in court life, self-representation and politics. ((Authoritative))
At the age of 11, following his own wish, he is accepted as a squire to House Arryn. The formal, conservative environment of the Vale deepens his knowledge about the military and cultural conduct. He is known as a bit of an eccentric boy who spends a lot of time talking to far older men – and being an interesting conversational partner to them due to his broad knowledge in several fields and his precocious manner. While not overly impressive at weaponry, his stage is those of adults already: He is in a position to efficiently command small units of guards and soldiers at the age of 13 and excels wherever eloquence and quick wits are needed.
Turning 14, he accuses his mother of governing the lordship in an inefficient way. Possibly without bad will, just being overchallenged, his mother tries to allow her son to stay in the Vale with her continuing to act as a regent meanwhile. Absolutely unexpectedly, her reassuring letters to Mortimar are answered by a lawsuit her son files against her – and wins. Mortimar returns and starts to settle issues and restructure organisations and processes with an iron will and stoic resolution. His mother is shocked and returns to her home in the Crownlands for several months after getting the impression that her son does not wish for her help.
Until the recent day, now just having turned 16 years of age, Lord Mortimar Mooton is known as a resolute and strict leader. It is not clear to which principles he adheres, but efficiency seems one of those he follows with cold consequence. He is known to have few friends of his own age, and if friends at all, they are well chosen. On a daily basis, Lord Mooton is considered to possess a shocking routine when it comes to his daily and not-so-daily duties. The answer to the question of what has become of the once warm-hearted, timid boy, might be hidden behind an impressive set of coherent, well chosen masks.
265 AC Born as first born and only child to Lord Mooton and his wife
270 AC Mortimar’s father dies in combat in Durran’s Defiance. His mother becomes regent of the lordship
274 AC Is trained in the art of diplomacy and accompanies his uncle on a diplomatic journey. He also receives lessons in the military realm and martial arts.
276 AC Becomes a squire to House Arryn
279 AC Leaves the Vale and takes over the lordship at the age of 14 because of the inefficiency of his mother acting as a regent and those around her.
Lord Beldecar Mooton (d. 270)
Lady Benadette X (still to be decided, Altruist) (42)
Uncle Ser Edmure Mooton (43, Authoritative)
Uncle Ser Ryman Mooton (40, Leadership, Master-at-Arms)
Uncle Ser Moribald Mooton (38, Bureaucrat, Castellan)
Other Relatives
Maester Vren (60)
Septon Cressendar (23, Vitality)
Ser Stafford Whitefield (50, Leadership, Captain)
Ser Willam Chyttering (49, Bureaucrat, Captain)
Ser Harris Chelsted (38, Martially-Adept, Lieutenant)
Ser Magnys Cox (27, Agent, Lieutenant)
Ellen Hansford (35, Martially-Adept Sergeant)
Ser Byron Wylder (38, Martially-Adept, Guard)
Hendrick Galler (30, Martially-Adept, Guard)
Frynn Galler (22, Duelist, Guard)
“Big Bowen” (40, Strong, Guard)
Kay Cannaham (37, Towering, Guard)
Ser Grayham Waters (24, Fanatic)
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2016.12.07 15:31 dataethics IamA Data Science Professor at the University of Michigan, let’s discuss ethics surrounding privacy, data sharing and algorithmic decision-making. AMA!

My short bio: I am a Bernard A Galler Collegiate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. My research spans many aspects of Big Data and Data Science and I have contributed to Slate Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, the Conversation U.S. I author my own blog, Big Data Dialog, where I discuss key issues surrounding ethics in data science. My Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Data Science Ethics will re-launch on edX in January.
My Course:
My Proof: and
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2015.11.18 09:29 FreeTheMeatus Can we continue to use the Cho'gall channels even after it spreads?

It would be cool if the cho'gall channels evolved from a spreading mechanism into a way for people to find other Cho'gallers to play QM and HL. I know there has been some disappointment in regards to playing Cho'gall in HL and I think having easy access to other people who want and know how to play this hero will go a long way in keeping up the interest. From what I've seen today, both the chogall and the cho'gall channels have evolved from "looking to gall your cho" to "lemme spread my cho onto your gall" so demand is dwindling but I'd love to see people continuing to seriously play this character. I have a feeling this will happen naturally but I figured I would throw this out there so people can find partners sooner rather than later.
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